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2 Yr ago

Ayr suburb review

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Hi friends

I am looking to buy my PPOR in Ayr. Any positive and negative feedback about this feedback is much appreciated so that I can take an informed decision. Thanks

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2 Yr ago

Ayr is located 88 kilometres south of Townsville on the Bruce Highway and 12 kilometres away from the town of Home Hill.

This area is absolutely family friendly with some good schools and parks in the proximity. It also has a state owned hospital which offers emergency care as well.

Ayr Railway Station is the town's rail transit stop. Regular services run from Brisbane to Cairns. While the town has no public transport, several bus routes pick up school children across the region.

2 Yr ago

Ayr is a friendly and affordable town close to Townsville. It is a great place to dwell for a young family with most of the facilities in the proximity.

Neat and clean with big parks around for the kids to play and do biking.


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