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2 Yr ago

Balga in Western Australia

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How is Balga suburb in WA. Any feedback as I plan to move here with my family in the near

future. Thanks!

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2 Yr ago

Balga is a centrally located suburb close to the Perth CBD. Its a nice and friendly area to live. There's space to take a stroll and

enough schools within close proximity from our house to easily walk. Over all its a nice place to bring up the kids, and theres lots of things in close driving distance.

2 Yr ago

Balga is a green and clean suburb. The convenience to public transport, gyms, pool, shopping centers is an easy 2 minutes drive.

The suburb houses mostly the new constructions and is close to good parks.

However, there are a few safety concerns specially near the IGA. There are a couple of bad pockets especially around the central shopping/IGA area but I suspect this will get cleaned up in the future. 

2 Yr ago

Balga is a suburb of Perth, which is 13 kilometres from the Perth CBD. It is a very central location which is just 15 mins from the airport, 15 mins from beach and 15 mins from the CBD.

We have some great neighbors. Food prices are cheap. Most of my street are renovated military houses, or brand new townhouses.


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