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Basic tips to apply for the rental property to secure the home of your choice

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Hunting for a new rental property can be a nightmare and renters often find themselves tearing their hair out due to crowded inspections, unanswered rental applications and competition to secure a lease.
To stand out from the crowd of budding tenants, it’s important to have an impressive rental application that includes all relevant information and presents you as a responsible tenant.
Here are some rental application tips to help you secure your dream rental property.
  1. Introduce yourself to the Property Manager
While you may think it’s unnecessary, make the effort to introduce yourself to the Property Manager on inspection day. This is a polite gesture that will ensure they remember you when going through a mountain of applications.

  1. Include all relevant documents
Ensure your application is complete and includes all required documentation. Lodging an incomplete application reflects badly on your organisational skills and the Property Manager may see you as irresponsible and likely to miss rent payments.
When applying for a rental property, be prepared to supply proof of income documents such as pay slips and bank statements, a letter of employment, a rental ledger, ID documents and reference letters including any pet references. If you’re unsure if the real estate requires any documents, it’s always best to include them anyway as further proof of your suitability for the property.

  1. Include a cover letter
Treat the inspection as an interview and the Property Manager as a potential boss. A cover letter should sell you as the most suitable tenant for the property.

The cover letter is an opportunity to talk about your family, work and rental history. If there’s anything in your application that may be unusual or alarming to the Property Manager, explain this honestly in the cover letter. Your application is much more likely to be successful if you address any issues upfront and not try to conceal them.

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