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Capital cities are set to see a double-digit rise in auction volumes over the week

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There are 2,430 auctions scheduled across capital cities in the week ending 18 July, up 15 per cent on last week’s final figures at 2,104 and more than double the volumes recorded last year at 1,176, according to the newest figures from CoreLogic.

Weighing in on the current market, Ray White chief economist Nerida Conisbee said the strong winter selling season is definitely set to continue, with low interest rates, freer lending and high household savings rates as “obvious drivers”.

Melbourne is expected to account for almost half of all auction activity, with 1,198 homes scheduled to go under the hammer – higher than last week’s 1,076 and last year’s 500.

However, final figures are expected to change as the Victorian capital enters into a five-day snap lockdown on Friday.

Sydney’s auction volumes are also set to rise this week despite the current lockdown, with 859 auctions supposed to be going ahead – up from last week’s 650 and last year’s 515 – although this may change following the extension of the lockdown for another two weeks.

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Australia’s rental market has been influenced by similar trends to the sales market

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Rents in some states and regional markets have risen substantially as vacancies continue to tighten.

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Auction markets aren’t picking up as much as one would usually expect.

Melbourne continues to top auction expectations, with 1,179 scheduled auctions for the week – up from last week’s 884. Should all of these auctions go ahead, the Victorian capital is set to see its busiest auction week since late June. But with the Greater Melbourne area still stuck in lockdown, some of the auctions are expected to be rescheduled to a later date, Ms Fono said. Meanwhile, Sydney has 535 homes set for auction this week, up slightly on last week’s 551. Across the smaller auction markets, Brisbane is expected to be the busiest with 137 homes poised to go under the hammer, followed by Adelaide with 135, Canberra with 107 and Perth with 13. Despite its own extended lockdown, Sydney took the third spot, recording a success rate of 81.3 per cent clearance rate across 551 auctions – down 7.6 per cent from the originally scheduled number and the lowest weekly number of auctions over the current lockdown period to date. Get details at: x Auction activity still dampened by lockdowns With less than two weeks before the spring selling season of 2021, auction markets aren’t picking up as much as one would usually expect.
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