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The current market presents a unique opportunity for savvy investors to purchase their first or next investment property. Sure property values are surging, but we are only at the beginning of a new property and economic cycle, a time when lifetime wealth will be created by a group of strategic property investors. It’s not simply a case of picking a property and renting it out – sure you could do that but that doesn’t make particularly good investment sense, as not all properties are “investment grade” – ones that will provide you with wealth-producing rates of return. The fact is if you want to be a successful property investor there needs to be more strategy involved than that. Instead, here are some top tips for choosing the right investment property. A good investment property should be able to give an investor excellent returns in the future, not only in the form of capital growth but also in the form of rental returns. Here are 6 characteristics which should be looked for in any investment (and in particular in real estate investing): Strong and stable rates of capital appreciation A steady cash flow Liquidity – the ability to take my money out by either selling or borrowing against my investment Easy management A hedge against inflation Favourable tax benefits Read complete article at: x Tips for choosing the right investment property The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we work, live, and certainly how we invest in property. The current market presents a unique opportunity for...
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