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2 Yr ago

Dalby suburb review

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Looking forward to hear some feedback about the Dalby suburb , QLD as planning to buy my PPOR here soon. Thanks

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2 Yr ago

Its a lovely suburb with friendly neighborhood. Its a great place to dwell with a young family. You have all the facilities at a walking distance and its within 3 hours travel to the major tourist centres i.e. Gold Coast, Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.

For the fitness family there are plenty of options available with both an indoor pool and outdoor pool, an abundance of gyms and boot camps available.

2 Yr ago

Dalby has almost all what you are looking for in a town. Enough shops and businesses to keep you happy, but close enough to a city if you need more.

However, there are not much activities for the young people other than pubs. Also, It gets pretty cold in winters.


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