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Dee Why Review

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Dee Why is a coastal suburb of northern Sydney, in the state of NSW, Australia, 18 km north-east of the Sydney CBD. It is an affordable gem of Northern Beaches while still having high property values and being in constant demand due to the beach lifestyle it offers. Dee Why is predominantly made up of unit blocks, parks, great restaurants and scattered shopping centers. It is also only 30-50 mins from the heart of the CBD. Public transport consists solely of buses that service the CBD, North Shore and Pittwater and beyond. Locals mostly use buses or their car to get to work.


Dee Why is a lovely suburb offering the following facilities:
• Safe suburb
• Peaceful suburb
• Good bus services
• Lots of great shopping options
• Beautiful surroundings
• Friendly community
• Lovely beaches
• Lots of cafes and restaurants
• Good schools
• Perfect place for young professionals and families


• No local train station
• Traffic is a big issue
• Property prices are getting high


Dee Why is bordered on the north by Cromer and Collaroy, on the east by Tasman Sea, on the south by Forest Lodge and North Curl Curl, and on the west by Narraweena.


• The only form of public transport around the Northern Beaches area is public buses and during peak hours, these buses run on T-ways. Public transport in Dee Why primarily runs along Pittwater Road in the form of buses. Buses are the main form transport in the suburb.

Shopping destinations

• Dee Why Village Plaza is a great shopping mall in the suburb featuring Coles supermarket.

• Dee Why Grand is also a shopping mall featuring second Coles supermarket of the suburb. The mall also offers an amazing food court.

• Dee Why Market is a single storey shopping centre offering shops for an old fashioned market shopping experience.

• The main commercial area in Dee Why is centred on either side of Pittwater Road, the main arterial road on the Northern Beaches, and continues down the streets leading to the beach as well as upwards along Fisher Road.

Schools & Daycares

Dee Why is home to a few schools:
• Dee Why Public School, Regent St, Dee Why
• St Luke's Grammar School, 210 Headland Rd, Dee Why
• Fisher Road School, 115 Fisher Rd, Dee Why

Good daycares around the area include:
• Ekidna - Dee Why School Of Early Learning, 63 Lynwood Ave, Dee Why
• Dee Why Children's Centre, 72 Fisher Rd, Dee Why
• Reggio Emilia Early Learning Centre Dee Why, Level 1/17/888 Pittwater Rd, Dee Why
• Dee Why Kindergarten, 2 Clarence Ave, Dee Why

Internet Connectivity

The NBN is now available in DEE WHY with a good internet speed.

Crime & safety

Crime rate Lilyfield is 539/1100 whereas Average crime rate of NSW suburb is 805.


Median Sale Price- $1.4m


Median Rent Price- $850pw


Dee Why is a lively beachside suburb that gets going before the sun rise. It is famous for Dee Why Beach and its close proximity to Curl Curl and Collaroy. The area’s diversity is highlighted in the variety of Asian and Indian grocery stores that are mixed in with delicatessens and multicultural dining options. The suburb is known for its surfing culture and rugby clubs and locals love exercising outdoors. Buyers pay big bucks for homes near the beach but there are plenty of properties without water views at more reasonable prices.

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