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Despite the COVID-19 outbreak there are areas that still reported success rates above 50%

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During the past three months, Canberra reported a clearance rate of 58.7% for 576 auctions. Sydney followed with 51.5% of 6,372 auctions pushing into a sale.
The volume of auctions over the quarter indicate the impact of the social distancing and restriction measures amid the outbreak. In fact, only 13,783 auctions took place in the three-month period, down by 27% from the previous quarter and by 24% from the same period last year.

"The initial market response to COVID-19 was a severe drop in sales and listings across both auction and private treaty sales methods. Many vendors who did not have to sell were initially unwilling to take their property to market in a time of high uncertainty," she said.

Melbourne's Glen Waverley is the suburb with the highest number of auctions held over the quarter at 109. Next on the list is Randwick in Sydney, which hosted 90 auctions.
In terms of successful auctions, Sydney's Cremorne clocked the highest clearance rate at 76.7%, followed by Caulfield South in Melbourne at 76.2%.


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Childcare in Girrawheen suburb

"I tried calling every daycare in and around Girrawheen area , the only answer I got was, “No new enrollment at the moment”. I am trying to have my 3 year old get started on daycare at least 3 days a week for now and once things get back to normal she will be comfortable going for 5 days a week. This is a new place for her as well and would like to give her some cushion. Any suggestions? Registered family day cares are fine as well, as long as they are caring and she loves to be there. Please advice. Thank you."
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WA: Perth's property market clocked its busiest week since 2013

Perth's property market clocked its busiest week since 2013 after it recorded over 1,000 sales of dwellings and vacant land in the week ending 21 June, according to the latest market update from the Real Estate Institute of Western Australia (REIWA). Over the week, Perth reported 613 home sales and 412 vacant land sales. Both of these figures are significantly higher than the 52-week average. "The schemes have certainly helped people who were undecided about a house-and-land package make their decision quicker, and we will likely see vacant land transactions remain at higher-than-normal levels until the end of the year when the scheme concludes,"  "These measures, plus the unique features of our extraordinary state position Western Australia to come back better, emerging from the global pandemic faster than other states as an attractive destination for business investment and interstate and international migrants," Source: x Perth clocks robust sales Its property market recorded the highest level of sales activity since 2013, figures show
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WA: The Perth dwelling market has a long road to recovery

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