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Devonport Christian School ranking?

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Karan Karan
Devonport Christian School is independent school in Don, TAS.
It is primary school.
School ICSEA rank is 46 with ICSEA percentile of 54.
Total number of enrollment in school is 155 and the number of teachers are 12.

You can get more details about school from their website

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Devonport Christian School review?

Devonport Christian School is a Independent school in Don, TAS. It has 155 of students and 12 teachers. School is Primary. Devonport Christian School ICSEA rank is 46 with ICSEA percentile of 54.

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MD Emren

South Launceston, TAS Review

Introduction South Launceston is a locality located about 3 km south of the town of Launceston. Offering a suburban feel, South Launceston is only minutes from the city and houses a range of businesses, residential homes, parks and shops. South Launceston also offers hospitals, café strips, primary schools close by and High schools a short drive away. Benefits South Launceston is a lovely suburb offering lots of facilities: • Multicultural suburb • Safe suburb • Quiet and peaceful • Clean and Green suburb • Walking distance to the Launceston General Hospital • Good primary schools • Good café strip • Affordable living • Friendly community • Perfect place for couples, singles and families Challenges • No nightlife • Less number of restaurants in the suburb • No local train station Location South Launceston is bound by the East Launceston and Newstead to the east, West Launceston to the west, Prospect to the south and Launceston to the north. Connectivity • Buses are the main means of transport in the suburb of South Launceston. • East Tamar Junction located in Newstead suburb is a near by train station to the suburb of South Launceston. Shopping destinations The suburb does not offer much shopping options, one has to drive to neighboring suburb to get variety. • The Organic Grocery Store is an In store shopping mall offering excellent range of unique, handpicked and high quality goods. • Centreway Arcade is a shopping mall located in Paterson St, Launceston. It provides great range of specialty shops to find local products and quality gifts. • Many other local shops, groceries and supermarkets are available in the suburb. Schools & Daycares • John Calvin School, 53 Howick St, South Launceston • Glen Dhu Primary School, 270 Wellington St, South Launceston • Launceston College, 107-119 Paterson St, Launceston Good daycares in the suburb include: The nearest daycare centres are: • Pedder Patter Child Care Centre, 21 Pedder St, South Launceston • South Launceston Early Learning, 2/31-43 Thistle St W, South Launceston • Glendhu Child Care Centre, 33 Leslie St, South Launceston • Green Leaves Early Learning Launceston, 289 Wellington St, South Launceston Internet Connectivity Super fast NBN is now available across South Launceston, TAS Price Median Sale Price- $430k Rent Median Rent Price- $410pw Summary South Launceston is a residential locality in the local government area of Launceston. The Launceston General Hospital is located here, along with the South Launceston strip of cafes and restaurants. An average home in South Launceston is rented by couples without children. Living in Launceston is simple, safe and it has such a great community spirit. It is a lovely part of the city to live in that can be highly recommended for retirees, families and singles.
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