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NSW: First home buyers drift to other states for investing as Sydney property prices soar

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Disillusioned Sydney first homebuyers are increasingly opting for investment properties in Melbourne or Brisbane as the Harbour City braces for another whirlwind year of price rises.

City property prices grew an average 6 per cent in the past three months alone and are projected to increase another 10 per cent over 2020 but many would-be first homebuyers claim the booming prices forced them to reconsider their property goals.

This contingent of buyers were more likely to consider “rentvesting” – buying an investment property while continuing to rent – with many arguing they will get better value in other capitals.

A median priced Sydney house is about $200,000 pricier than one in Melbourne, while the typical Brisbane house is $400,000 cheaper, CoreLogic data showed.

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Sydney: Property update May'20

Despite claims of up to 30 per cent decreases in property values, Real Estate Institute of New South Wales (REINSW) president Leanne Pilkington said investors would be better off looking at the data instead of the doom-and-gloom headlines. Ms Pilkington further argued that a lack of sellers is helping keep the value of properties higher. At the end of the day, property is a long-term asset, which means that it does not have the same volatility that the share market has. More importantly, property puts a roof over heads. As it delivers one of the most basic human necessities, it’s become one of the first things that people buy and the last that they sell, Ms Pilkington highlighted. Further, with the COVID-19 crisis prompting the closure of borders, new overseas arrivals would be limited, curtailing the largest source of population growth. As a result, demand for housing will be further hindered. “The moral of the story is don’t panic. Property has shown its resilience through economic shocks before, and we have no reason to expect it won’t do so again,” he said. Australia stands as one of the very few countries that have a balanced budget. Further, the country also records the lowest government debt in the world, which should provide investors with some comfort that the country is in a strong position to cushion the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak. Property values SQM Research’s monthly report showed the combined capital asking prices increased by 0.7 per cent for houses and 0.1 per cent for units over the month to 5 May 2020. Despite the positive figures and sentiment in the market, CommBank assumes an 11 per cent reduction in the prices of residential property nationally due to the pandemic, while a prolonged shutdown and a worsening economic climate would see falls nearly trip to 32 per cent. In a statement made to the ASX, CBA announced it had set aside $1.5 billion to cover potential losses from the COVID-19 recession, taking its total provisions for bad and doubtful debts to $6.4 billion. “Today’s announcement of an additional credit provision of $1.5 billion for the potential longer-term impacts of COVID-19 further reinforces our already-strong balance sheet settings,” CBA chief executive Matt Comyn said in a statement. Visit the given link for reading full details:  x Property market update: Sydney, May 2020 As the world continues to face the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, how will the Sydney property market move to recover over the long-term?
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NSW: Property prices have been falling faster in Sydney’s priciest regions

Property prices have been falling faster in Sydney’s priciest regions while holding firm or even rising in some cheaper areas during the coronavirus pandemic. The Sutherland Shire and Hills district recorded the largest falls in property prices for the month at 1.5 per cent and 1 per cent, respectively.  “The markets that led the last (surge) are recording bigger falls … they had the biggest run up in values and it may not have been sustainable,” he said.  The eastern suburbs – Australia’s priciest housing market – was an exception to the trend, with values rising 0.5 per cent over May. Mr Lawless said he doubted there would be an acceleration in price falls over the coming months because too few homes were being listed. “The supply of (available) properties is low. This appears to have insulated prices,” he said. The longer-term outlook was less certain, he added. “It will all depend on the economy … if there is further weakness in the labour market and we see an increase in distressed sales it would affect the property market.” Get full details at: x Home price falls: Properties in higher-end Sydney ... Property prices have begun to fall marginally after being surprisingly resilient during the COVID-19 crisis, but homeowners in some surprising regions have taken a bigger hit.
MD Emren
MD Emren
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NSW: Construction work on a metro line connecting the Western Sydney Airport at Badgerys Creek to St Marys will begin before year’s end

Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Monday said the metro line would be complete and operational when the under-construction airport is inaugurated in 2026. Preliminary construction begins this year and the major works will start in 2021. The metro line will run from St Marys train station, to the airport’s north, via Luddenham and Orchard Hills. Commuters would then have to switch to the existing train network for onward travel to Parramatta or the Sydney CBD. Morrison said the government would continue looking to expedite infrastructure projects amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Gx Construction on Sydney metro line brought forward The prime minister confirmed when building works will begin. et full details at:
MD Emren
MD Emren
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Sydney: Homeowners are being urged to sell now or regret it later

There were around 300 auctions held across the city this weekend, an unusually low number for this time of the year, and the lack of seller competition helped many vendors get well above their reserves. Comparable properties were selling for the same price in February – before the COVID-19 crisis began CoreLogic data showed the Sydney auction clearance rate was 65 per cent last week – level with long-term market trend. Weekly clearance rates have been consistently above 60 per cent since on-site auctions were allowed to resume four weeks ago. “The market is very strong at the moment,” Mr Wise said. “Most buyers are looking to the long-term. They know properties in the area will hold their value.” Eight of the registered bidders submitted offers, with auctioneer James Keenan receiving an opening bid of $1.4 million. The bidding was fast-paced, rising in initial increments of $50,000, and some bidders put in offers simultaneously. Source: x Homeowners urged to ‘sell now’ as vendors net ... Homeowners who have been deliberating about whether to sell have been warned that delaying could be a pricey mistake following some surprising results at weekend auctions.
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NSW: Good accountant in Western Sydney

Hi Can anyone recommend a great Accountant in Sydney (Western Sydney preferred) that specializes in property and is personally active in property development?  TIA
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NSW: Sydney still offering value for first-time investors

“Bricks and sticks” construction in Sydney’s suburbs are not only cheaper for first-time buyers, but they also are in growth areas, meaning they create stronger investment opportunities.  “Land supply has been a big issue for affordability. Now that we have the infrastructure with government coming in and the land opening up.” “These areas such as South West Sydney are the real growth corridors,”  “So, for an investor that wanted to get into an investment for say $600,000 but wanted good capital growth, they should look at areas like Elderslie, Spring Farm, Marsden Park, Box Hill,” Source: x Can investors get a home in Sydney for under $500k... Investors who are concerned they will be priced out of Sydney are being advised to look a little further out, with Sydney’s surrounding suburbs still offering value for first-time investors.
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