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Iconic farm for sale for first time in 200 years: Tasmania Property News

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A HISTORIC Fingal Valley grazing property has hit the market for the first time since the original land grant in the 1820s.

Cullenswood has been the home of the Legge family for two centuries including former Break O’Day Council mayor Robert Legge and his partner Jean. Colonel William Vincent Legge was born at the property in the 1840s.
It is currently owned by Cullenswood Pty Ltd.
Cullenswood is set on 2590ha of land across four titles and with 1300ha of arable land.

The nine-bedroom homestead dates back to 1827 and was built from stone and timbers off the farm. Its gardens are home to some of the largest redwood trees in the Southern Hemisphere. Cullenswood also has its own roadside church, a local landmark dating back to 1847.

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