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2 Yr ago

Investing in Marsden its a good option ?

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With all boom in/around Elara, Marsden Park, what do people think about HnL package (under $800k) as investment option?

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2 Yr ago

I bought in Colyton for $300k flat less than 4 years ago. Its now over $600k value easily. Colyton was considered not much better than these suburbs back then.

You will see when Marsden Park business park completely finishes and Ikea/Costco and all those mega brands move there along with all the companies (its going to be a lot larger than norwest business park). ALL these suburbs will grow.

2 Yr ago

If your looking around the Marsden park areas look at Tregear, Willmot, Shalvey etc....these areas are around the $500k mark and they are expected to grow. 

These suburbs are cleaning up and its inevitable they will grow. Huge infra projects going in and around there plus they are the only suburbs in the entire of Sydney left around the $500k mark with house and land. 


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