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Jordan Springs Suburb review

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Hi all,Just wondering if anyone lives in jordan springs and their experiences living there.I work sometimes in sydney CBD and worried about the travel times.Can anyone share their experiences?
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Justprop Editor Justprop Editor
Moved to jordan springs 6 months back and love it here. All facilities as gym, school( coming up soon) , woolies, chemist and GP around. Two lakes in area make it beautiful and you would always see people greeting during a walk. Glad we moved with young kids as there are plenty of parks and play areas for kids. The only thing it lacks is a good pub in the area. Else it is a world of its own with great community feeling.
Roma Roma
1. 7 km from Penrith2. Jams Packers hospitality college is coming to Penrith to train staff required for barangroo casino3. Proposed Science Park close penrith would create 12000 white collar jobs. Steggles is the first company to relocate headquarters to science park. Google it to find more.4. Badgery CReeks airport 10 mins from Penrith would transform Penrith into significant employment hub – hotels, motels, warehouses, parkings, restaurants etc will follow airport.5. fast trains coming for Penrith in future. I work for Transport for NSW.6. Department of sports and recreation going to move to Penrith7. Two nsw govt depts moving to paramatta. Paramatta's gain is Penrith gain. 25-30 mins from Penrith to paramatta.8 Napean hospital being expanded9. Plans for Penrith cba to be redeveloped 10. Penrith Business Council actively lobbying gov for Penrith etc.11. Major infrastructure projects marked for western sydney.
Moved to JS a few weeks ago. It's an hour and a half door to door to my office in North Sydney (and that's not catching the express train – I don't have to change if I take the slower one)
Liam Liam
You would have a 10-15 min drive to Penrith station then an hour on an express to the CBD. You will have access to the intercity express trains which fly along

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