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2 Yr ago

Kingaroy suburb in QLD

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Hi friends

Can anyone provide a candid review about the Kingaroy suburb in QLD. TIA

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2 Yr ago

Kingaroy is a great regional town which is quite with no hustles and bustles. It is the city of Peanuts.  There are a number of activities one can take part in around Kingaroy, there's gem fields, water skiing, bird watching, gliding, wine tasting etc.

2 Yr ago

Kingaroy is an agricultural town and locality in Queensland, Australia. It is approximately 210 Km or about 2.5 hours drive north-west of the state capital Brisbane. 

It is also known as “Australia’s peanut capital”, the peanut manufacturing plant is located in the heart of the town and peanut silos dominate the skyline.

It has multiple shopping centers and other facilities in its proximity. Overall a great suburb to dwell.


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