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Many home buyers are rushing in before doing their homework - a new study revealed

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Due diligence when buying real estate is simply the process of properly evaluating a property before buying – a straightforward, yet serious step that many first home buyers are choosing to skip.

Buyers are being asked to expect the unexpected after a new study has shown that an alarming number of purchasers aren’t doing their house hunting homework.
Whether it’s risk of a natural disaster, or the more likely event of building defects, a new GlobalX survey found that nearly half of Australia’s homebuyers are failing to do complete due diligence when buying a property.

The top 10 To-Do items :
A top 10 hit list of topics buyers should discuss with their conveyancer or legal representative are:
1. Building inspections
2. Pest inspections 
3. Council development plans 
4. Planning approvals 
5. Road and infrastructure plans 
6. Valuations 
7. Flood maps 
8. Fire zones 
9. Public transport 
10. Nearby schools

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