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2 Yr ago

Morley suburb review

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Can anyone provide a review about the suburb Morley as I am planning for a PPOR in this region soon with my family. Thanks much.

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2 Yr ago

Morley is a big and convenient location to live. It is just 20 mins from the CBD and is well serviced for good schools, parks, markets and hospitals.

The suburb houses decent and friendly people. Overall a peaceful and green suburb.

2 Yr ago

Morley is a perfect suburb to live with all the amenities at a reasonable distance. It is close to Galleria and the Russell St business center which has everything from bed stores to auto supplies all under one roof.

Because of the close proximity to the CBD the housing prices in Morley are quite high although the quality of housing is very high.  However, there is no train line connecting directly to Morley.



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