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Net overseas migration is the primary driver of population growth in Australia

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In 2018-19, Net overseas migration (NOM) contributed to 62% of total population growth.
The headline numbers catch the attention of the media and the general public, but overseas migrants are a diverse group of people.

The recent release of the annual migration publication by the ABS sheds some light on these, such as the balance between permanent and temporary migration.

It may surprise some people that most arrivals are here on temporary visas and in 2018-19 they comprised 64% of the total.

They include international students, skilled visa holders (commonly known as 457s), and working holiday visa holders.
All visa types have certain conditions regarding length of stay, and this is important from a population measurement perspective.

In a globalised world, when people can move between cities, regions and countries with relative ease, the shift towards temporary migration is not surprising.
Some temporary migrants may later become permanent migrants, but this process can take many years and involve a transition between visa types.


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