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NSW: Dwelling prices in Sydney declined due to the impacts of the COVID-19 outbreak

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The price recovery of houses and units in Sydney was abruptly halted over the second quarter of the year, falling by 2% and 1.9%, respectively. Nicola Powell, senior research analyst at Domain, said the June quarter is the first quarter to show the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on dwelling prices.
"Sydney was in an upswing prior to this interruption, highlighted by the strong annual growth, up by 10.5% for houses and 7.3% for units," she said.
The median prices in Sydney currently sit at $1.14m for houses and $735,417 for units.

While market confidence amongst buyers and sellers has already improved from the low levels in April, Powell still expects weakness in prices, with more sellers accommodating lower asking prices to push a timely sale.


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Matt Halse, local expert for New South Wales at HTW, said investor activity appears to have slowed down substantially in the region, particularly in homogenous medium- and high-density areas such Haymarket, Zetland, and Forest Lodge. "This is largely driven by declines in rental demand pushing rents lower and therefore reducing overall returns," he said. In Zetland, for instance, the residential vacancy rate hit a record high in May at 6%, which declined to 5.7% in June. Mascot also recorded a high vacancy rate at 7.4%, according to figures from SQM research. "It appears that more first-home buyers are entering the market which does help increase demand for some of the investment style apartments, however, there is still an oversupply of apartments advertised for sale and lease," he said. It is crucial to note, however, that this trend is unlikely to improve soon, given the impacts of the COVID-19 on the general economy and the housing market. Still, Halse believes investors need to take advantage of the available properties that are at prices similar to or even lower than what they were sold for over the last few years. Continue reading at:x First-timers breaking into Sydney's inner ring? A decline in rental demand is resulting in lower rents that ultimately impact home values in the region
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Over the past month 6000 new listings have hit the Sydney market, which is up 27 per cent on the same period last year. These early bird offerings have taken the total Sydney listings to around 20,000, which is two per cent less than the same time last year. So there is not yet an oversupply, but it could be coming. As much as the pandemic has and will continue to impact on listing volumes, and prices, life goes on for many.  The changing job landscape is likely to influence the market over upcoming weeks, and then well into 2021. Sadly much of it will be by employees who have lost their jobs, and business owners who have lost their business incomes. It has been investors rather than homebuyers who have moved quickly in reaction to pandemic, possibly with concerns about sustaining their rental incomes. Get details at: x Sydney market prepares for big Spring as 6000 prop... The Sydney property market looks set to kick off spring with a bang with 6000 new listings coming up for sale over the past month.
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