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NSW: Sydney’s rental vacancy rate remains at elevated levels

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SQM Research has released its rental vacancy data for September, which revealed a flat vacancy rate nationally but ballooning vacancies across Melbourne and major CBD markets.

Melbourne’s rental vacancy rate has nearly doubled over the past year to 3.8% – the highest reading since December 2011.
Sydney’s rental vacancy rate, by comparison, retraced to 3.5% but remains at elevated levels:

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Carlo Palamara, senior sales executive at Sekisui House, which is a developer of The Orchards masterplanned community located in Norwest, said Sydney’s north west growth corridor is experiencing growth, with apartment sales increasingly popular with first home buyers, especially those with a price point under $600,000 in well-located masterplanned communities. “Sales results continue to exceed expectations. Over 60 per cent of residences (57) in the Japanese-inspired golf-side building Aire valued at $30 million have been sold. First home buyers seeking to take advantage of government grants represented over 70 per cent of these sales, with downsizers and investors securing the remainder,” Mr Palamara said. “The stamp duty exemption, $25,000 HomeBuilder and $10,000 FHB grants have all spurred first home purchasers into action. A saving up to $55,000 on a one-bedroom apartment under $600,000 is a major incentive.” “Local Baby Boomers living within a five-kilometre radius from Norwest are also selling their homes and downsizing to large two- and three-bedroom apartments. Generally, they are purchasers selling a home around $1.5 million to buy an apartment in the range of $900,000 to $1.1 million. Extra cash is then left over to enjoy retirement.” Source: x FHB sales spike recorded in Sydney’s north west An increasing amount of first home buyers are calling Sydney’s north west home, with apartment sales spiking in the area.
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While 2020 has been a chaotic year for most Australians, it has been one of the best years in living memory to be in the market for a first home. With record low interest rates and plenty of government incentives available, purchasing a first home is certainly attractive. This is in addition to the most recent HIA Housing Affordability Index finding housing in Australia is the most affordable it has been since 1999. The scheme allows buyers to purchase a new home with a 5 per cent deposit with the Commonwealth covering the mortgage insurance normally payable with low deposit loans. The new places coincide with the purchase price threshold increasing from $750,000 to $950,000 in Sydney. “If you took first homebuyers out, there would be no other group driving market activity,” he said. “There are so many looking to buy that some of our Western Sydney offices have 50 per cent of all stock going to first homebuyers,” he said. Source: x Sydney market: First Home Buyer Deposit Scheme to ... With first homebuyers enjoying the best buying conditions in two decades, find out where they should build if they want to cash in on the First Home Buyer Deposit Scheme.
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First homebuyer spending shot to an 11-year high in August, with housing experts revealing first-timers filled the void left by investors struggling to get loans for new purchases. Investors once accounted for close to 60 per cent of all NSW property purchases, according to ABS research, and historically competed for the same properties as first homebuyers. Lower rents were encouraging more investors to sell their properties, which widened the choice of homes available for first homebuyers, he said. First homebuyers were then helping renters by vacating more properties and forcing the landlords to offer more competitive rent to attract a smaller pool of tenants. Continue reading at:x First homebuyers and tenants gain commanding posit... Sydney’s housing market has flipped from an environment favouring investors to one where renters and first homebuyers now hold all the cards and are getting cheaper deals.
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NSW: Is Sydney truly on its way to recovery?

According to Wealthi investment director Stephanie Davies, while markets have definitely been retracting as a result of the current economic climate, prices typically recover by a large magnitude after a fall, particularly when interest rates are declining. Depending on the velocity of the decline as well as other factors, the property life cycle proves that prices return at a certain speed due to the pent-up demand from buyers holding back for such a long period of time, Ms Davies explained. As the dust settles and Australians start to reassess their situation, Ms Davies expects demand for property to rise back up in order to meet the oversupply in some areas and create buoyancy in the areas where property has been held on tightly to. In fact, Sydney and Melbourne are already tipped to have strong growth, with a 14 and 12 per cent jump by 2023, supported by sustained low rates, ongoing support from regulators, improved affordability, sustained fiscal support from both federal and state governments and a strengthening economic recovery. Still, despite this seemingly optimistic outlook, Mr Evans reminded investors that there are some risks associated with the upside, including the 5 per cent fall expected by mid-2021. Get details at: x Property market update: Sydney, September 2020 After weeks of decline brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, property experts continue to be optimistic about the future of the housing market. Is Sydney truly on its way to recovery?
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Parts of the housing market have emerged from the economic shocks of COVID-19 in better shape than they were before the pandemic hit. Prices have surged over the past three months in coastal NSW and some of Sydney’s satellite regions such as the Blue Mountains and Southern Highlands, sales data showed. The only Sydney council areas that saw a bump in prices were the Strathfield region and the Hills District. Units in the Hills were being snapped up by more first homebuyers because the lower price points allowed them to access government incentives like stamp duty discounts. Strathfield growth was somewhat skewered by an increase in premium sales, which pulled the median upward, but there was also a spike in upsizer demand, particularly from cashed up medical workers. “Regional areas weren’t recording the same growth conditions pre-COVID, so home values in these markets are often more affordable, and don’t have a high base to fall from,” Mr Lawless said. Get details at: x Top price growth: the council areas where home val... Housing markets in some Sydney suburbs and regional areas have emerged from COVID-19 in better shape than they were before the pandemic hit, with recent spikes in property prices.
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