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Opinion on E4 land - North Kellyville

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Hi everyone, Would love to hear your thoughts on building on E4 land what the pitfalls are if there are any. There are many house and land packages being advertised for fair prices on 600sqm blocks.
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Steve Steve
nother factor you need to take into mind is how easy the land is to build on. Are there massive rocks thay need to be removed/chopped etc? This will add significant cost. A mate at work bought one near there, and is spending an extra $60-80k now that they've realised what needs to be done to get the land ready for building.
Ranjit Ranjit
The main pitfall is most likely bushfire risk. This will add significant $$$ to the cost of construction to make it compliant. I expect there will also strict limitations on landscaping.

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Introduction Kellyville is a suburb of Greater Western Sydney, in the state of New South Wales, Australia 36 kilometres north-west of the Sydney. It is part of the Hills District region. Parts of Kellyville have become separate suburbs over the years. Beaumont Hills, north of Samantha Riley Drive, was renamed in 2002. Kellyville Ridge, west of Old Windsor Road, is a separate suburb in the City of Blacktown. North Kellyville was proclaimed a separate suburb in June 2018. Kellyville Public School is a historic building which was established in 1873. Kellyville Village features a Coles supermarket and 38 stores with services, groceries and fashion. The newly opened North Kellyville Square provides a Woolworths and specialty stores to the area. Kellyville offers a relaxed and quiet lifestyle being surrounded by rural areas and suburban Castle Hill, Baulkham Hills and Glenhaven. Benefits Kellyville, as with other newer suburbs in both the south-west and north-west districts of Sydney, has been viewed in the media as a suburb of larger homes that are low-cost in design and mediocre in terms of build quality. Kellyville, in particular, is known for its greenery and big family homes complete with spacious gardens and swimming pools. Kellyville is close enough to the city that you can pop there and back as often as needed. In addition to its residential areas, Kellyville also has its own shopping centres, cafes and specialty stores. Challenges There is only really one road that leads into Kellyville and that is Windsor Rd. As a result it gets really jammed up during peak hour and there is no other way in! Location Kellyville is a suburb of Greater Western Sydney, in the state of New South Wales, Australia 36 kilometres north-west of the Sydney. It is part of the Hills District region.                   Connectivity The suburb is largely serviced by Windsor Road, which connects the area to the Sydney CBD via the Lane Cove Tunnel. Windsor Road Kellyville railway station Kellyville also has excellent transportation services. Kellyville railway station is an elevated Sydney Metro Northwest station at Samantha Riley Drive, Kellyville. The new Kellyville Station is being built 13 metres above the ground as part of the elevated sky train route which will provide Kellyville residents with a direct connection to Sydney Metro’s Martin Place Station and Wynyard railway station. Shopping destinations Kellyville Village is a shopping centre that serves everyday shopping needs of people. It is anchored by Coles Supermarket. Kelliville village is basically a handy shopping centre with all the basics including Coles, Aldi, a fruit and veg shop, jeweler etc.  North Kellyville Square is north west Sydney’s newest convenience shopping centre. The centre includes a wide range of retail services such as health and wellness providers, professional beauty services and newsagency. Types of houses and dwelling density Dwelling Type is an important determinant of Kellyville's residential role and function. A greater concentration of higher density dwellings is likely to attract more young adults and smaller households, often renting. Schools & Daycares Kellyville has many options for good schools. • Kellyville Public School - Public Primary School • Sherwood Ridge Public School - Public Primary School • St Angela's Primary School - Catholic Primary School • Our Lady of the Rosary Primary School - Catholic Primary School • Kellyville High School - Public High School • William Clarke College - Private School for students from Kindergarten to Year 12 Daycare includes: • Guardian Childcare & Education Rouse Hill North. ... • Treasure Cove Early Learning Centre. ... • Guardian Childcare & Education Kellyville. ... Internet Connectivity Kelyville has good internet connectivity. The NBN is now available here. Crime & safety Kellyville crime rates are 43% lower than the other suburbs. Kellyville is a fantastic suburb, especially so for young families. It offers a safe environment with quiet streets, friendly neighbours, excellent schools and many sporting and recreational fields. Commute: CBD: 39.2 km / 50-90 minutes by car / 90 minutes by transit Chatswood: 29.7 km / 35-65 minutes by car / 90 minutes by transit Liverpool: 29.2 km / 40-65 minutes by car / 90 minutes by transit Parramatta: 16.7 km / 30-60 minutes by car / 60 minutes by transit Summary Kellyville in the extensive Hills District has become one of Sydney’s fastest growing suburbs. Unlike most parts of inner-city Sydney, Kellyville still has plenty of space, and most homes are freestanding with spacious gardens. With thousands of new homes under construction, there’s plenty of choices when it comes to buying property in Kellyville. Kellyville also has its own shopping centres, cafes and specialty stores. Kellyville also has excellent transportation services to and from Sydney. Kellyville is home to an excellent range of elementary schools and high schools both public and private, as are neighbouring Sydney suburbs like Glenhaven and Baulkham Hills.
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