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2 Yr ago

Price review for a property in Edmondson Park

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Hi All,

I am planning to buy in edmondson Bardia suburb on bardia ave. Station is closeby , public school and $1B town center in next 2 years by fraser is on the cards . It will be a lot of land 375sqm ..450K and then will be family home.

Any insights will be great ...

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2 Yr ago

I wouldnt buy this as IP. I can see the argument for PPOR but not at that price unless you had a strong reason such as being near family.

Although close to a station, keep in mind the trip into town would still be 1hr+ even on the express. Not a fun commute by any stretch of the imagination.

2 Yr ago

That's a decent price for a 375sqm block.. It's gone a bit nuts. Good area. I'd try go Leppington if you were gonna go Southwest. Still very affordable and is $1100/sqm compared to $1400/sqm in Edmondson Park


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