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2 Yr ago

Russell Island suburb review

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Hello friends

Moving next month to Russell Island, Queensland. Any ups and downs about this suburb which I should know. Please share your experiences living there. Thanks

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2 Yr ago

Russell Island is definitely a must live place for those who want a peaceful lifestyle in the lap of the nature. The islands are best appreciated when one own their own boat, allowing them to explore the beauty that is the Southern Mortern Bay Islands and Stradbroke. 

The only drawback is the cost of transport to reach the mainland. There is definitely a need to build a real bridge and get over to Russell to enjoy a perfectly futile island. 

2 Yr ago

Russell Island is only 50 mins from Brisbane and is truly a paradise. Its a natural wonderland. Its a very peaceful town and would be mostly loved by the retirees.

The new shopping center has made it more affordable as you don't often need to go to the mainland.


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