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Scott Morrison’s First Home Buyer Loan Deposit Scheme gives higher income buyers unnecessary edge

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Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s flagship First Home Buyer Loan Deposit Scheme launched earlier this month will mostly benefit higher income earners who may not have needed as much help as poorer families, analysis reveals.
The scheme, announced just before last year’s federal election and effective January 1, allows 10,000 first-time buyers each year to purchase properties with only a 5 per cent deposit, with the government guaranteeing the loan so that buyers won’t need pricey lender’s mortgage insurance.

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Morrison Government would indefinitely subsidise first home buyers’ property purchases

Earlier this month, Housing Minister Michael Sukkar was interviewed by Sky News where he signaled that the Morrison Government would indefinitely subsidise first home buyers’ property purchases: “I expect that this will be a feature of the Morrison Government’s policy prescription going forward for helping people getting their first home”… National Housing Finance and Investment Corporation figures released on Thursday show that, since July 1, 4076 places have been reserved or processed under the First Home Loan Deposit Scheme. The rapid take-up of the scheme’s allocated places, which helps applicants purchase a home with a deposit of as low as 5 per cent, will buoy the real-estate ­industry, which has been hard-hit by falling property prices, depressed­ rents and poor auction clearance numbers during the COVID-19 pandemic… Mr Sukkar told The Australian the government was “committed to doing all we can to help Aust­ralians get into a home of their own sooner”. Get details at: x Coalition to expand first home buyer subsidies - M... Earlier this month, Housing Minister Michael Sukkar was interviewed by Sky News where he signaled that the Morrison Government would indefinitely subsidise first home buyers’ property purchases: “...
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Investors are being urged to consider their property portfolios before trying to access the Morrison government’s latest stimulus package

The HomeBuilder scheme allows for home owners to gain up to $25, 000 in government support for renovations between $150, 000-$750, 000 on properties that are worth less than $1.5 million prior to the renovation. “There’s opportunities especially in the Brisbane area. You can buy properties fairly close to the CBD under that price range and add value with the renovation, ” Mr Jennison said. The scheme, which is targeting larger repairs over cosmetic changes to property, is targeting structural changes. “People think renovations are cheap. A lot of people are very surprised when we tell them it’s probably cheaper to build new than renovate. “So you can chew into a lot of money when you start renovating. But if you can get it up to $150, 000, you can get a new kitchen for $25, 000, ” Mr Jennison said. “I think that is the danger when the government releases these sort of stimulus packages. People shouldn’t spend money just because they can.” “It really needs to be part of an overall plan to ensure that you're not overcapitalising because if you spend that money because the government is going to give you a $25, 000 rebate and you have to sell in two or three years time and you’ve overcapitalised, you may not get that money back. Source: x What to know before accessing the HomeBuilder sche... Investors are being urged to consider their property portfolios before trying to access the Morrison government’s latest stimulus package.

The Morrison Government has extended the First Home Loan Deposit Scheme

One month in and the First Home Loan Deposit Scheme has already attracted more than 5500 keen first-time buyers – and the race is on for purchasers hoping to be approved before the 10, 000 coveted places are snapped up. Although the Federal government’s scheme has attracted both positive and negative attention from inside and outside the property industry, when it comes to those first-home buyers who’ve signed up, the good news is in. Apply now, buy later Despite the fact that more than half of the FHLDS spots have already been allocated through major banks (mostly the Commonwealth Bank and National Australia Bank), and hundreds of applications and inquiries are being made each week, there is still time for first-home buyers to apply according to Glen Spratt, managing director of non-bank lender Mortgageport. “There are still spots available with the smaller panel of 25 lenders, ” he said. “And that’s really what the scheme was supposed to be all about – creating more competition in the lending space, ” he explained. Mr Spratt said the key message to first-home buyers seeking access to the scheme right now is to not just focus on the big banks, but consider talking to one of the other 25 lenders working with the FHLDS. Read more:x First Home Loan Deposit Scheme: Why persistence is... Despite government help, things can still look pretty tough if you are a first-home buyer, but all you need is a little persistence and the right advice to find your dream address.

Glenorchy Review

Introduction Glenorchy is a suburb of Hobart, in the state of Tasmania, Australia. It's a very pleasant suburb located about 8km from Hobart CBD. The suburb offers almost all the amenities on just a walking distance. It is a very affordable suburb and is only 15/20 minutes to the Hobart CBD. Benefits Glenorchy is a fantastic suburb offering lots of facilities: • Multicultural suburb • Safe suburb • Quiet and peaceful • Clean and Green suburb • Lots of shopping options • Good schooling options • Close to Hobart CBD • Affordable living • Friendly community • Perfect place for couples, singles and families Challenges • No nightlife • Less number of cafes and restaurants in the suburb • No local train station Location Glenorchy is bound by the River Derwent to the east, Mount Wellington to the west, Hobart City to the south and Brighton to the north. Connectivity  Tasmania’s main form of transport is private transport on the road network, transport is also available by bus, ferry and aircraft. • Glenorchy is passed through by the Main Road of Greater Hobart, and the Brooker Highway which is the main connection to surrounding councils. • The suburb is also served by many bus routes to travel along the surrounding suburbs. Shopping destinations • Northgate Shopping Centre is a big shopping mall with loads of shops. The mall includes supermarket, gift stores, shoe shops, clothing stores, mobile phone providers, massage and beauty salon, food providers and food court. • Glenorchy Plaza is also a big shopping mall in the suburb offering Woolies, Big W and many other big stores . • Glenorchy Central is another convenient shopping mall in the suburb. • Many other local shops, groceries and supermarkets are available in the suburb. Schools & Daycares • Glenorchy Primary School, Kensington St, Glenorchy • Guilford Young College, 76 Bowden St, Glenorchy • Cosgrove High School, 286-294 Main Road, Glenorchy • Dominic College, 204 Tolosa St, Glenorchy Good daycares in the suburb include: The nearest daycare centres are: • Goodstart Early Learning Glenorchy, 469 Main Rd, Glenorchy • Discovery Early Learning Centre & OSHC, 204A Tolosa St, Glenorchy • Tiny Tackers Childrens Centre, 19 Clydesdale Ave, Glenorchy Internet Connectivity Super fast NBN is now available across Glenorchy, TAS Price Median Sale Price- $430k Rent Median Rent Price- $450pw Summary Glenorchy draws its name from Glen Orchy, Scotland, meaning "Glen of tumbling waters". It is a beautiful suburb offering almost all the amenities including shopping malls, schools, daycares, cafes and many more. The suburb also offers affordable house prices as compared to other surrounding suburbs. Tolosa street offers regular buses into the bus interchange at Glenorchy. Overall, the suburb is recommended for professionals, retirees and families.
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Homebuyers search for property is getting more expensive in Geelong

Search activity in Geelong shows more buyers are looking at higher price points. More than one-third of buyers contained their search to homes priced between $500,000 and $750,000, the REA Insights data shows this year. He said the increase at the higher end reflected the rise in buyers now looking to live in Geelong. There are 25 suburbs with a median house price between $500,000 and $750,000, while another 24 have a median house price above $750,000, including towns on the Bellarine Peninsula and the Surf Coast. Get details at: x Geelong property searches show price rise pressure... Homebuyers’ search for property in Geelong is getting more expensive. New data reveals how much we’re looking for our dream home in the top price brackets.
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