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Introduction Armidale is a city in the Northern Tablelands, NSW, Australia. It is approximately halfway between Sydney and Brisbane at the junction of the New England Highway and Waterfall Way. Armidale has a good climate with summer day time temperatures averaging 27 degrees and winters are cool with temperatures ranging from 0-16. The cost of living is one of the lowest in Australia but standard is extremely high. There are beautiful drives into the National Parks and bush walks suitable for all. All up this area is a very interesting place to visit. Benefits Armidale is a beautiful suburb offering many benefits: • Good transport links • Close to National parks • Friendly community • Plenty of space • Beautiful suburb • Good schools • Variety of restaurants • Recommended for tourists and families Challenges • Very cold in winters • Small town • Not much safe • No night life Location Armidale is a country city located high on the Northern Tablelands region at an high altitude of 960-1020 metres and a two hour drive inland from the coast. It is approximately halfway between Sydney and Brisbane at the junction of the New England Highway and Waterfall Way. Connectivity Armidale serves good transport access which includes: • Armidale railway station is located at 240 Brown Street, Armidale. It is served by daily passenger trains to and from Sydney. • Armidale Airport is six kilometres from the city centre and is operated by Armidale Regional Council. • Various bus companies also provide numerous daily services to the surrounding suburbs. • A cycleway exists through the city to the residential areas on the eastern side of city. Shopping destinations • Armidale Central is a new shopping mall in the suburb featuring a great mix of national retailers including Woolworths and Big W and 32 specialty stores and services. • Armidale Plaza is a great shopping mall with a Wide range of fashion shops, many coffee shops and good food outlets.  • The Armidale Mall is a beautiful pedestrian mall stretches over three blocks of Beardy Street in the centre of Armidale. It features many locally owned and operated shops and cafes. Schools & Daycares Armidale is home to few good schools: • The Armidale School • Ben Venue Public School • Armidale Waldorf School Ltd. Good daycares around the area include: • Armidale & District Family Day Care • Milestones Early Learning Armidale • Tiny Town Childcare Centre Internet Connectivity The NBN is now available in ARMIDALE with a high internet speed. Crime & safety Crime rate in Armidale is 1334/1100 whereas Average crime rate of NSW suburb is 805. Price Median Sale Price- $310k Rent   Median Rent Price- $350pw Summary Armidale is a beautiful place, people are decent and friendly, the scenery and atmosphere is quiet beautiful. Armidale is surrounded by some of the most beautiful and interesting National Parks in the country. The educational aspect is wonderful, from preschool to university. There are variety of restaurants and great monthly markets. The city has a number of art galleries and museums to visit as well as the Aboriginal Cultural Centre and Keeping Place. There is a cinema complex and several craft venues. For the locals there is a wide range of interests to keep the family occupied. As long as the weather does not bother you, this is a lovely place to live.
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