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Baulkham Hills, NSW 2153 Review



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Baulkham Hills
Introduction Baulkham Hills is located 31 km north-west of Sydney CBD and shares the postcode 2153 with Winston Hills and Bella Vista. Baulkham Hills is predominately a residential suburb of the Hills District, with Norwest Business Park in the northern part of the suburb. It's a great place to raise kids with lots of great local schools and parklands. With large housing blocks, huge opportunities, and excellent convenience, this is one of the most sought after locations. Baulkham Hills is the intersection point of three main roads. The public transport is also good enough for people who travel to City, Castle Hill and Parramatta. Baulkham Hills is perfect for families, where the city is close but not too close. A strong sense of community, hospitals, schools and shopping make Baulkham Hills a perfect place for families. Benefits Baulkham Hills is truly a beautiful suburb with lots of benefits: • Safe suburb • Lots of parks • Excellent bus services • Best schools • Excellent shopping options • 10 mins to Parramatta • Perfect place for families, retirees and professionals Challenges • No metro or train stations • Heavy traffic Location Baulkham Hills is a suburb in the Hills District of Greater Western Sydney, in the state of New South Wales, Australia. It is located 31 km north-west of the Sydney CBD. Baulkham Hills is bordered on the north by Kellyville and Castle Hill, on the east by West Pennant Hills, on the south by Winston Hills, and on the west by Seven Hills and Bella Vista. Connectivity • There is no railway station at Baulkham Hills the nearest stations are located at Castle Hill. • Baulkham Hills is primarily accessible by road. There is intersection of several major roads like Seven Hills Road, Old Northern Road and Windsor Road. This intersection is known as Baulkham Hills Junction. Shopping destinations Baulkham Hills provide good options for shopping: • Stocklands Baulkham Hills Shopping Centre is the major shopping centre in the suburb featuring Coles, Woolworths, Aldi and over 50 speciality stores. • Windsor Road has a typical suburban line-up of local shops which provide good options for shopping. • Norwest Marketown is also a popular mall offering a variety of familiar retailers, along with a supermarket & dining options.                             • Additional shopping options are available in the adjacent suburb of Castle Hill. Schools & Daycares Baulkham Hills is home to many excellent schools: • Matthew Pearce Public School • Crestwood Public School • Baulkham Hills High School • Model Farms High School • Baulkham Hills North Public School Matthew Pearce Primary School is one of the top ranked Primary Schools in the state, while Baulkham Hills High School is the second highest ranked Selective High School in New South Wales. Good daycares around the area include: • Baulkham Hills Family Day Care • First Grammar Baulkham Hills • Little Amigos Child Care & Early Learning Centre Internet Connectivity The fastest NBN speeds in Baulkham Hills NSW 2153 are up to 1000 Mbps. Crime & safety 263/1100 assault cases are reported in suburb where 1100 is average in year 2019. Dwelling Type Baulkham Hills features big houses on big blocks and there is a high demand for apartments also. Price Median Sale Price- $950k Rent   Median Rent Price- $560pw Commute: CBD: 30.4 km / 35-80 minutes by car / 70 minutes by transit Chatswood: 21.1 km / 25-40 minutes by car / 60 minutes by transit Liverpool: 23.3 km / 35-65 minutes by car / 90 minutes by transit Parramatta: 7 km / 15-35 minutes by car / 45-50 minutes by transit Summary                        Baulkham Hills is located about ten minutes north of Parramatta. It is a nice and neat suburb with plenty of trees and nice houses around the area. However, getting into Baulkham Hills during peak hours can be a challenge many commuters pass through this suburb to get to the rest of the Hills district. There is quite a good shopping centre providing supermarkets and specialty shops. The suburb has a variety of restaurants clustered around two commercial areas ranging from Persian to Italian to Thai to Sushi. It's nice and quiet and very safe place to live.
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Baulkham Hills
BONDI or Manly might be what the world thinks of when it comes to living in Sydney but locals who actually want the Australian dream of a family home with a backyard go to one place — Baulkham Hills. The suburb, which is split between the Hills Shire and Parramatta councils, was the most popular area in the country for families wanting four-bedroom houses. It was also the most coveted location for buyers of all house types in the Greater Western Sydney area, with buyer demand nearly doubling since 2019, according to a measure of online search activity. Adjacent suburbs North Rocks, Winston Hills, Kings Langley and Castle Hill rounded out the top five most viewed suburbs more than 15km west of the CBD. “Baulkham Hills is off the charts right now,” chief economist Nerida Conisbee said. “It’s always been popular with families but now it’s huge.” The increased interest in the northwest coincided with the opening of the Sydney Metro Northwest train line in May last year. The line connects much of the region to Sydney’s north shore and beyond. Housing experts said the region’s increased popularity was also due to its proximity to Sydney’s second CBD at Parramatta — and the big houses on large blocks. Additional Australian Post Office data revealed the region accounted for the bulk of suburbs with the most requests to redirect mail from newly moved NSW families and households between 2013 and 2019. Kellyville residents used the most redirect services, followed by Castle Hill, Port Macquarie, Mosman and Baulkham Hills. One of the biggest contributors to Kellyville’s growth was the North Kellyville housing estate, which effectively doubled the size of the suburb. MOST REQUESTS FOR RE-DIRECT MAIL SERVICE 2013-2019 Kellyville Castle Hill Port Macquarie Mosman Baulkham Hills Source:x Most popular suburbs for big house buyers: Baulkha... Demand has shot through the roof in one area of Sydney, which is now the most popular location in the country for those seeking a four-bedroom house with a backyard.
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