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Blacktown, NSW 2148 Review


Bed Price Avg. Days on Market Sold this Year
2 $530k 63 59
3 $630k 68 239
4 $710k 92 124
Bed Price Avg. Days on Market Sold this Year
1 $340 - -
2 $390k 97 105
2 $380 - -
Average days on market for NSW suburb is 102 days


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Introduction Blacktown is located 34 kilometres west of the Sydney CBD. Blacktown is the largest of any township in NSW and is one of the most multicultural places within Greater Sydney. The Blacktown CBD is very close to Blacktown railway station. The major shopping centre of Blacktown is Westpoint Blacktown and there are a number of small shops, restaurants and hotels in the area. Blacktown railway station is located on the North Shore & Western Line of the Sydney Trains network. The huge park on Richmond road is wonderful for Sunday BBQ's and afternoon trips to the park. A lot of families and retirees live here, so a lot of decent people to interact with. There are a large number of good schools in the suburb. It’s also a suburb with a central location at the midpoint between the Blue Mountains and Sydney’s CBD. The city train commute takes between 35 and 45 minutes. Blacktown has a complete range of affordable housing to huge family homes. If you’re after a smaller package, there are plenty of units too. There’s plenty to do in Blacktown, from cinema, shopping and fun parks, to bushwalking and a myriad of sports. Well set-up for families, Blacktown has plenty of education and entertaining facilities.  Benefits Blacktown is well developed suburb located near Parramatta, a major CBD in the Western Sydney region and considered Sydney’s second CBD. Blacktown is full of many convenient features such as shopping options, affordable cost of living & rental value, good schools & excellent public transport. Challenges Blacktown is not close to parks and beaches, lacking severely in green open space. The area around Blacktown has a higher rate of crimes than nearby areas. In night time sometimes junkies found around Station/Mall areas, however police patrolling is frequent in this area and conditions are under control whole time. Location Blacktown is a suburb in Greater Western Sydney, in the state of NSW, Australia. Blacktown is located 34 kilometres west of the Sydney CBD. Connectivity Blacktown has good train and bus services, roads including the Great Western Highway, Western Motorway and the Westlink M7 are easily accessible. A train journey to Sydney takes approximately 35-38 minutes during peak hours and is a direct trip. The Western Sydney Airport at Badgerys Creek is just one of the major investments in the area. Shopping destinations Westpoint is the main shopping centre of Blacktown, and there are plenty of other shopping stores dotted around the suburb. If you want to explore a larger market, the biggest in the Southern Hemisphere is in Parklea, about a 13 minute drive away. Types of houses and dwelling density Dwelling Type is an important determinant of Blacktown City's residential role and function. Separate houses make up 70% of the dwelling types in Blacktown, while medium and high density dwellings total 29%. A greater concentration of higher density dwellings is likely to attract more young adults. Larger, detached or separate dwellings are more likely to attract families with kids. Schools & Daycares Blacktown is full of good schools and daycares. Government-run primary schools in the area include: Blacktown North Public School,Blacktown South Public School, Blacktown West Public School, Lynwood Park Public School, Marayong South Public School, Shelley Public School, and Walters Road Public School. Public high schools include: Blacktown Boys High School, Blacktown Girls High School, Evans High School and Mitchell High School. There is also the Coreen School, which caters to older children with learning difficulties. Good Day cares include: • Blacktown Anglican Child Care Centre • Goodstart Early Learning Blacktown • Clovel Child Care Blacktown • Rainbow Cottage Kindy & Long Day Care Centre Internet Connectivity NBN is almost everywhere now and with a very good new speed. Crime & safety Crime rate in Blacktown is 500 events per 100,000 people. Overall, the suburb is safe to live a simple life there if you take normal safety precautions as you would in any suburb - Don't catch trains late at night, don't leave valuables in your car etc. Summary Blacktown is one of the best suburb in terms of good neighbourhood, multicultural community, Westpoint Shopping mall, 24*7 Kmart, big Library, Good schools & daycares. Excellent transport service. Fast train will bring you in city withing 40-45 mins, Big bus station - several options to find buses connecting to various part of sydney. Lots of choices to eat at fair prices.  It's peaceful and good place to raise the kids. It's second cbd after Parramatta and growing very well. Everything is near by station including Westpoint shopping mall. Many Blacktown residents commute to Sydney for work, while others own their businesses or work in the Blacktown CBD. Blacktown is popular with families. A 35 minute drive (on a good day) from Sydney CBD, Blacktown is, relatively speaking, a more affordable suburb for homebuyers. 
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