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Average price of 3 BR Unit Updated on: June 2021

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Average crime rate of NSW suburb is 805

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Average price of house in City have grown around 0% in last 3 months.

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Justprop Team member

Justprop Team member

Hobart recorded the highest quarterly rise in weekly house rents at 4.3 per cent, followed by Adelaide at 3.7 per cent, Perth at 3.6 per cent and Brisbane at 3.5 per cent. Meanwhile, Sydney, Canberra and Darwin remained stable. Of all the capital cities, only Melbourne saw house rents decline by 2.3 per cent – making it the second most affordable capital city to rent a house for the first time on record, alongside Perth and behind Adelaide. “For the first time on record, Melbourne is the second most affordable capital city to rent a house, joint with Perth and behind Adelaide,” Domain’s senior research analyst, Dr Nicola Powell, said. But while Melbourne’s vacancies have declined in recent months, they remain 182 per cent higher than last year, according to Dr Powell. This was directly influenced by the reduction of demand as a result of international border closures, more tenants becoming home owners and city residents moving to lifestyle locations. “Inner Melbourne units have felt the brunt, with rents now at 2010 levels after tumbling by $110 a week annually,” Dr Powell noted. Source: x Melbourne becomes Australia’s 2nd most affordabl... While most capital cities saw house rents soar to new record highs over the first quarter of 2021, Melbourne continued to lag behind – becoming the second most affordable capital city to rent in Aus...
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Justprop Team member

Justprop Team member

Over the past month, dwelling prices in capital city markets have increased 0.4 per cent compared with 0.3 per cent in regional areas, REA’s latest Insights Home Price Index revealed. While regional markets dominated buyer interest in 2020, strongly outperforming capital city markets, so far in 2021 capital cities are leading the charge. “Price growth in capital cities has been stronger than in regional markets over the past two months, so it will be interesting to see if this trend continues as vaccines roll out in Australia and we head towards a new COVID-normal,” said Mr Kusher. “Undoubtedly, the lure of regional Australia with its lower property prices and desirable lifestyle remains strong, but we may see those who intended to make a tree- or sea-change reconsider their regional move as cities reopen.” “Property prices have clearly responded positively to state and federal government housing stimulus along with the lowest borrowing costs on record. The main potential bump in the road to recovery will be what happens as government and banking support is wound down over the coming months,” said Mr Kusher. According to him, while the share of mortgages on deferral remains low, the removal of JobKeeper and JobSeeker may lead to an increase in forced property sales. Get details at: x Is the regional trend coming to an end? The regional trend could be coming to an end as new figures reveal that monthly capital city price growth has outpaced regional price growth for only the second time in 12 months.
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The rising interest in Aussie regions has been touted as one of the biggest positives to come out of the pandemic, as migrating city folk drive job creation and economic growth in towns less favoured a year ago. According to REA Group chief economist Nerida Conisbee, interest in regional towns is not only being witnessed in the bigger, more established areas, but it’s rapidly rising in the smaller towns with fewer than 1,000 residents. Looking at the data, Victoria’s small towns have proven the most popular, with this state boasting four of the top 10 fastest-growing small towns. Queensland and NSW with two small towns each. Among Australia’s fastest-growing small towns over the last 12 months to December 2020 were: 1. Cape Paterson, Vic | Median: $625,000, Growth: 17.9 per cent 2. Charlemont, Vic | Median, $533,500, Growth: 14.7per cent 3. Callala Beach, NSW | Median: $730,500, Growth: 14.1 per cent 4. Rosebery, Tas | Median: $96,500, Growth: 12.2 per cent 5. Dundee Beach, NT | Median: $230,000, Growth: 12.2 per cent 6. Dundowran, Qld | Median: $455,000, Growth: 11.5 per cent 7. Taroomball, Qld | Median: $460,000, Growth: 11.0 per cent 8. Ventnor, Vic | Median: $585,000, Growth: 10.4 per cent 9. Renwick, NSW | Median: $815,500, Growth: 10.2 per cent 10. Venus Bay, Vic | Median: $360,000, Growth: 9.3 per cent Source: x 10 small Aussie towns with big property price grow... COVID-19 has altered the dynamics of real estate, putting the spotlight on regional towns as more people look to swap the city rush with the laidback regional lifestyle.
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