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Hurstville, NSW 2220 Review



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 Introduction Hurstville lies in south side of Sydney, NSW, Australia. It is 16 km south of the Sydney CBD. Hurstville provides you with a comfortable lifestyle with almost all the amenities such as transport, medical facilities, shopping, good schools and childcares. It is only a twenty minutes train ride to get into Sydney CBD. It is located central to beaches and reserves, and features a complete emergency department and a hospital. It allows for convenient and roomy residential living, with a safe and friendly neighbourhood. The Asian community here is thriving so there is a wide range of food, people, and culture. The commercial area of the suburb is centred on the main street, Forest Road, on the northern side of Hurstville Railway station. Benefits Hurstville is really a very pleasant suburb to reside with a lot of benefits: • Transport links are excellent • Shopping centers, restaurants, schools are nearby • 20 mins ride to city of Sydney • Excellent lifestyle • Good schools and hospitals • Clean and green environment • Good for families and retirees Challenges • Parking is always a fight here • Main roads get overcrowded with heavy traffic Location                          Hurstville is a suburb in southern Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. It is a part of the St George area. The distance between Hurstville and Sydney Central Business District is 15 km. The road distance is 18.2 km. Connectivity Hurstville has excellent public transport services: Hurstville railway station is located on the Illawarra line, serving the Sydney suburb of Hurstville. The train line is part of the Illawarra line and both standard and express trains stop at the station. A major bus station, Hurstville Station, is located on Forest Road. Shopping destinations Hurstville is popularly known as the shopping hub of southern Sydney. Hurstville has two major shopping centres: • Westfield Hurstville: The Westfield houses more than enough retail shops, grocery supplies and even some medium-end fashion outlets.The Eastern Suburbs and Illawara rail link offers frequent train services to Hurstville station located opposite the centre.                        • Hurstville Central: Hurstville Central is a shopping centre located above Hurstville railway station. Hurstville Central offers a buzzing marketplace experience combining a wide range of choices with warm personalised service in an easily accessible venue. • Forest Road is absolutely draped with every service one could possibly need, from banking, to dental, to computer supplies and everything in between. Forest Road Eating joints Hurstville has fantastic options for places to eat and drink. Hurstville is home to a variety of Chinese and other Asian restaurants. The cuisine along Forest Road is additionally superb, with some of the grandest selection of Chinese restaurants. Schools & Daycares Good schools of the area include: • Hurstville Public School • Hurstville South Public School • Sydney Technical High School • Hurstville Adventist School • St George Christian School Good daycare include: • First Grammar Hurstville • Hurstville Early Learning Centre • SDN Hurstville Children's Education and Care Centre • Hurstville Teddy Bear Child Care Centre Internet Connectivity Hurstville has very good internet connectivity. The NBN is available in Bondi NSW. Crime & safety Hurstville has a very low crime rate and is very safe to get settled with the family. Dwelling Type A substantial number of stand-alone houses remain on large blocks. Old brick houses mix with new brick houses, single-storey, double-storey and even brick apartment blocks are available in Hurstville. Price Median Sale Price- $1.4m Rent   Median Rent Price- $580pw Summary  Hurstville is known as one of the most amenity-rich suburbs in all of Sydney. Hurstville is in the heart of the St George area, and consequently, its transport links are excellent with a 20-minute ride to the City of Sydney. Top primary and secondary schools are located in the region. The high proportion of Chinese living in this area has led to a boom in business. It is very convenient to buy Asian food here, and there are many restaurants and snack bars. The traffic is perhaps one of its only downsides. One of the few places in sydney where you will have food outlets as late as midnight. You can walk in any street at any time, without worrying about the safety issues. There’s a very good mix of housing types in this area, though, providing plenty of choice for people on different budgets and in different life stages.
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