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Leppington, NSW 2179 Review


Average price of 3 BR House Updated on: June 2021

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Average price of house in Leppington have grown around -1.85% in last 3 months.

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IntroductionLeppington is a suburb of Sydney located in the New South Wales (NSW) state, and is 55 km south-west of the Sydney central business district (CBD) in the local government area of the Liverpool City and Camden Council.Leppington comes under the south-west priority growth area, and it is expected to see major development in the coming years.One such development is the planning of a new community, which has been designed keeping in mind the suitability, budget, choices, and needs of the people. They will provide at least 2500 houses along with other facilities such as transportation, a primary and secondary school, a new community centre, an improved infrastructure, playgrounds and parks.Leppington is situated to the south of Badgerys Creek, the site where Sydney’s proposed second airport will be located, hence, it has been forecasted that Leppington will benefit highly in terms of land sales, and will emerge as one of the strong suburbs of Sydney in the next few years.BenefitsLeppington is a beautiful area well surrounded with forests and farms. There are many new housing developments like East Village, Lucera, Antegra Estate etc.Leppington is less expensive in terms of housing rates, food, schools, and other services. Hence, the cost of living is not very high.The transportation system will become better since six train stations are ready to be built in south-west Sydney that would link Leppington to Badgerys Creek airport.Leppington is mostly populated with young families and has a friendly neighbourhood. Therefore, the area is quite peaceful and safe.The price of properties is affordable and within one’s budget only.LocationLeppington is a suburb of Sydney located in the New South Wales (NSW) state, and is 55 km south-west of the Sydney central business district (CBD) in the local government area of the Liverpool City and Camden Council. It takes 46 minutes via M5 to reach CBD.Liverpool is 16 minutes away from Leppington, and CBD is one hour and 5 minutes via inner west and south line. The other surrounding areas like Edmondson Park and Glenfield are 5 and 9 minutes away by train, respectively.Leppington is connected to Camden, Liverpool, and Westlink M7 via Camden Valley Way . These roads provide easy and direct access to other south-west suburbs and Sydney.The most common means of public transport in Leppington are trains and buses. Busabout (operate one route) and Interline Bus Services (operate three routes) run in the area, which connects residents to local train stations and other major suburbs. The frequency of train during peak hours is 15 minutes. It takes 50 minutes via M5 to reach Sydney.ConnectivityLeppington railway station, which is located on the south west rail link, connects it with Sydney Trains rail network at Glenfield.There are two island platforms with four faces in Leppington. The trains run to the city through Granville as part of the Airport, Inner West, and South link. There is also an half-hourly shuttle to Liverpool. The people commuting from Leppington can travel to the city via Granville. Also, T5 Cumberland Line Services will soon start at Leppington train station connecting it directly to Parramatta and Blacktown.Ongoing development in the areaLeppington has been rezoned under government’s south-west priority growth area, and is expected to have enough land for nearly 30, 000 new residents.The land has been released in five stages. In the first stage, 2500 homes will be built within two years and the planning for the same has also been finalised. Apart from the houses, the new community will provide local amenities along with other services such as --A new community centre --A new primary school and a new independent K to 12 school--Closeness to the Leppington Railway station on the south west rail link--Upgradation of Camden Valley Way and also other major roads--New parks and recreational facilitiesIn addition, the major centre in the nearby Leppington North Precinct where shopping, entertainment, jobs and other government services will be offered.Moreover, Leppington, being in the south of Badgerys Creek where Sydney’s second airport is proposed to be situated, will be quite near to the new airport. It has been said that by 2026 Badgerys Creek will begin running domestic and international flights.There are plans of Leppington Town Centre as well, which will provide homes to at least above 300, 000 people. Also, there is scope for another 110, 000 new dwellings. Schools and DaycaresThere are quite a few schools, which are located near Leppington. The schools have a healthy and friendly environment with dedicated teaching faculty. The children from diverse cultural backgrounds come and study under the same roof. Some of the schools are:Leppington Public School- It is known for its great environment with a friendly and dedicated teachers who are always willing to help parents with their child’s growth. Austral Public School- It is a highly reputed school in the community for providing quality education and various learning opportunities. The school also boasts of its beautiful gardens and premises.--Rossmore Public School--John Edmondson High SchoolDaycares--Care for Kindies--Little Amigos Childcare and Early Learning Centre--Community Kids Austral Early Education Centre--Annabelle Early Learning CentreCrime and SafetyLeppington is known to be a safe area with quite low crime rate. The crime rate per 100, 000 population is 298.6 and NSW rate per 100, 000 population is 419.4.ChallengesThe only challenge to live in this suburb is that there are very limited shopping options and also not too many parks or places for recreation.Internet ConnectivityThis area is ready to use National Broadband Network (NBN) fiber to the premises (FTTP), which will provide direct Internet connection to your premises.PriceThe price for 3 bedroom house and 4 bedroom house starts from $620K and $690K, respectively.The median rent for 2 BR, 3 BR, and 4 BR is $380 PW, $470 PW, and $570 PW, respectively.SummaryLeppington has a bright future with some major big plans. The idea is to build a new mini-city where all the facilities and conveniences are available, which are very relevant in today’s modern lifestyle. The south-west region of Sydney is raging with opportunities and is expected to have a major growth in the coming years. Some of the newest developing areas such as East Village and Lucera, where house and land packages are available at affordable prices, are perfect for investment. There is also Antegra Estate community, which is exclusively for people over 50 years of age. It is good investment opportunity for retired people since there is no exit fees and all the capital gains are received if one wants to sell his home.
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