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Paddington, NSW 2021 Review


Bed Price Avg. Days on Market Sold this Year
2 $1.628m 25 47
3 $2.55m 42 85
4 $3m 62 31
Bed Price Avg. Days on Market Sold this Year
1 $763k 59 32
1 $475 - -
2 $1.208m - 28
Average days on market for NSW suburb is 102 days


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Introduction                           Paddington is an inner-city area of Sydney, in the state of NSW, Australia. It is affectionately known as “Paddo”. This beautiful suburb is only 3km from the CBD making it a popular base for city workers. Oxford Street is a one kilometre long shopping strip extending unbroken the length of Paddington. Paddington is home to traditional pubs, fine art galleries, designer boutiques and trendy cafes, good schools scattered throughout the area. Coupled with great restaurants and shopping destinations, it’s a good place to get settled. Benefits Paddington has everything for those who love the inner city hustle and bustle. • It is within easy walking distance • Good public transport • Close to the City & Beaches. • Great cafes, pubs, shops & restaurants Challenges • Parking can be difficult • High property price Location Paddington is located 3 km east of the Sydney CBD, Paddington lies across two local government areas. The portion south of Oxford Street lies within the City of Sydney. Paddington is bordered to the west by Darlinghurst, to the east by Centennial Park and Woollahra, to the north by Edgecliff and Rushcutters Bay and to the south by Moore Park. Connectivity • Two tram lines ran through Paddington, one along Oxford Street, the other through Five Ways. • Paddington is also serviced by an excellent State Transit bus service, either along Oxford Street or through Five Ways. • Paddington does not have its own train station. It’s closest railway station is Edgecliff, Edgecliff railway station is located on the Eastern Suburbs line. Shopping destinations Paddington is an ultimate place to go shopping in Sydney.  • Oxford Street is a major shopping lane in Sydney, NSW, Australia, running from Whitlam Square on the south-east corner of Hyde Park in the CBD of Sydney to Bondi Junction in the Eastern Suburbs. the street is full of numerous shops, bars, boutiques and nightclubs. • Paddington market is a Saturday market featuring clothing, accessories & home items from local craftspeople & designers. • Five ways is known for its Cafes, Restaurants & Pubs, Galleries and Real Estate it's a lovely place to live for anyone who wants it all at their door step. Eating joints Paddington has fantastic options for places to eat and drink. There are many little clusters of stores and cafés on street corners, often servicing delicious organic food or Thai. Paddington is home to restaurants and cafes along Oxford Street. Top three restaurants on Oxford St. are listed below: • Fred's • The Paddington • Paddo Inn Schools & Daycares Good schools of the area include: • Glenmore Road Public School, Glenmore Road and Cambridge Street. • Paddington Public School, Oxford Street. • Sydney Technical High School • Sydney Boys' High School Good daycare include: • Gumnut Gardens Early Learning and Long Day Care Centre • Goodstart Early Learning East Sydney • Paddington Children's Centre • The GRACE Child Care Centre Internet Connectivity Paddington has good internet connectivity. The NBN is widely available in Paddington NSW. Best NBN speed in Lappington is 1000Mbps. Commute: CBD: 5 km / 10-20 minutes by car / 15-20 minutes by transit Chatswood: 15 km / 25-35 minutes by car / 45-50 minutes by transit Parramatta: 27 km / 40-70 minutes by car / 55-60 minutes by transit Crime & safety Paddington has a very low crime rate and is very safe to get settled with the family. Price Median Sale Price- $2.4m Rent Median Rent Price- $1,100pw Summary Paddington is in the eastern suburbs of Sydney not far from to the CBD. The size of Paddington is approximately 1.6 square kilometres. It has 5 parks covering nearly 8.7% of total area. The main street - Oxford street, features two endless rows of shops, boutiques, cafes, restaurants, pubs, local designers, grocers and etc. There are many buses from Paddington into the city. Rest of the public transport facilities are also excellent in the area but perhaps its most glaring weakness is a lack of a train station. Adding to the fooding and shopping options, Paddington is just north of Moore Park and its stadiums and the theaters, cinemas, and restaurants of its Entertainment Quarter. Housing in Paddington is definitely on the higher end of the scale. Paddington is one of the best suburbs in all of inner Sydney for younger professionals.
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