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Shepparton, VIC 3630 Review


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2843/3445 83/100 61


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It is with unfortunate circumstances that I must write an extensive, and long, testimonial about this school, it's treatment of single fathers, and the sheer terrible nature in which they do (read: do not) deal with bullying of students, including physical assault and sexual harassment. For a year and a half, my partner, a single father of three daughters who attend the school, was not only routinely ignored by all of the faculty when he asked for updates about his daughters wellbeing, school term reports, photographs, and refused access to an app that would allow all this by virtue of the fact that access was limited to only one parent, with no access allowed by seperated parties. It was only when I, his girlfriend and frankly a relative stranger to these girls, contacted the school and made them aware of this fact (something John had routinely been asking for POLITELY for nearly two years) that suddenly they were willing to communicate with him and allow him access to these records. Furthermore, the fact that the entire faculty do not know the meaning of 'misandry' or 'misogyny' speaks volumes given the fact that they have displayed disgustingly misandrist attitudes towards John and have failed in every way to ensure his daughter's safety towards their peers. John has recieved threats of a tresspass order on the grounds of picking up his children in the main office in order to protect his daughters from their mother (who has a history of physical violence towards both him and their children) for staying in the office for less than 5 minutes. He has been spoken over, belittled, and been treated with contempt when spoken to, and this school has wondered why John has reacted with anger! It's no wonder that he did, because if any of you reading this were denied information on your children, WOULDN'T YOU? This school is content with zero accountability for their actions, for their behavior, and for not addressing the VERY serious nature of these problems by merely quipping that 'its all in the past', and that 'oh its all resolved lets just follow this plan' that John did not agree to. I would not reccomend this school to any parent, any teacher who wants to work there, nor would I reccomend this school to any of my friends. Take heed, St. Georges Road. You will be held responsible for your poor behavior. You will be held responsible for not protecting my step-daughters. You will be held accountable for threatening myself and my partner, two disabled parents trying our best. Change yourselves.
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