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What are the house price in schofields area?

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2 Replies 193 Views 193 Shares
2 Yr ago

If You are looking to buy a property in schofields the sale price for a $687K and for a unit is $850K respectively. 
The brand New Apartments start within the range of $470K while, others like wexford apartments are available at starting price from $450K

2 Yr ago

House Price vary according to different factors which including land size, house size and location etc. 
Price of house and land basic package start from $850K for 350 Sq. meter from reputed builder.
in Township 3 BR (2.5 Bathroom and 2 Parking) apartments are starting from $800K and 
basic House Package starting from $850K for 4 BR (2 Bathroom and 1 Garage Space). and some properties are little bit higher starting from $1010K for 4 BR with 2 bedroom and 2 Garage space.


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