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World Class Brain And Spine Institute to be open in Blacktown, NSW

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Blacktown CBD is set to become home to Australia’s first world class Brain and Spinal Institute led by the internationally renowned neurosurgeon Professor Charlie Teo AM.
The $1 Billion facility will provide state-of-the-art medical treatment and a significant economic benefit to Western Sydney and Blacktown City.
It will generate thousands of direct and indirect jobs and deliver through an expected influx of interstate and international medi-tourism visitors.

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NSW: Blacktown suburb is becoming the hotspot for the first home buyers

Potential property investors and first-home buyers have the western Sydney suburb of Blacktown squarely within their crosshairs, according to latest figures. Data for the month of January show the second highest suburb in Australia for agent email enquiries was the western Sydney suburb of Blacktown. The reason investors and first-home buyers are concentrating on searching in the Blacktown area is because local price points for houses alone allows investors and first-home buyers alike to buy around the $665,000 median. Read more:x Investors, first-home buyers eyeing off Blacktown ... New figures from show the second-most email enquiries sent to agents in the month of January were in relation to buying in one western Sydney suburb.
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Blacktown south public school reviews

Hi Friends Can someone give me a feedback about the Blacktown South Public School. Please give both negative and positive points so that I can take a wise decision. ThanksS
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Speculations are that RBA will cut their official interest rate to 0.5% in March

Odds have shortened that RBA will cut their official interest rate to 0.5% at their March meeting next week. Although last year having signalled its intention to continue to ease monetary policy this year, the RBA held off a further interest rate cut at its first meeting in February because of stronger housing markets. “A further reduction in interest rates could also encourage additional borrowing at a time when there was already a strong upswing in the housing market,” the RBA minutes said. But things have changed since then. Recently labour market data has deteriorated with unemployment rising again and wages growth still low and stagnant. The RBA has indicated that the labour market is the main game for monetary policy considerations. It wants to lower the unemployment rate so wages rise, but the most recent figures show the equal highest jobless rate at 5.3% since May 2018. Read more:x Another Interest Rate Cut Looms | Property Insider... Odds have shortened that RBA will cut their official interest rate to 0.5% at their March meeting next week. Although last year having signalled its...
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Not all rent across Sydney is falling, in the eastern suburbs it remains strong

Although Sydney rental prices continue to hold strong in the eastern and central coast suburbs there’s an undersupply of houses nationwide and clearance rates remain high. Sydney rental update Sydney rents are falling, they have dropped by 2.9% over the past 12 months. For renters, it is no doubt a relief in a city that is so expensive. High levels of building and enthusiastic investors during the peak of the market are the two main drivers of this decline. Like prices, we are seeing quite different conditions in western Sydney compared to more expensive locations close to the city. The median rent for a house in the eastern suburbs may be well over $1,000 per week but prices are holding steady. At the other end of the scale, rents for units in south-west Sydney have dropped by 4%. One area that is doing well and is relatively affordable, is the central coast. Rents are holding steady and we are seeing relatively high levels of demand, so we can expect rents to remain steady. Recently, The Economist looked at how much home building has been taking place globally using a measure of homes built per 1,000 people. Their analysis showed that globally, not enough homes are being built and it’s contributing to a range of problems including affordability and homelessness. In Australia, we see marked differences between states as to how good they have been keeping up with population growth. Unsurprisingly, TAS and NSW have been consistently undersupplying housing for decades. Right now, it is showing up in affordability issues in Sydney. In Hobart, we have a rental crisis that is leading to a blow out in rental levels and higher levels of homelessness. Looking at the past 35 years, Sydney hasn’t always seen low levels of building. Between 2015 and 2019, it roughly tracked the Australian average. A similarly high level of building took place between 1995 and 1999. However, Hobart has been under building more dwellings since the mid 1990s. Details inside: x Property Market Update: Sydney rent isn't dropping... Sydney rental prices continue to hold strong in the eastern suburbs, there's an undersupply of houses nationwide and clearance rates remain high.
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Sydney is a renter’s paradise with landlords slashing rent by an average of 2.9 per cent in the past year

While house prices continue to go up and up, renting in Australia’s most expensive city is becoming cheaper and cheaper. A flood of completed developments and an increase in the number of investors has ramped up Sydney’s supply of rental housing, putting prices on a sharp decline, new research shows. REA Group reports rental prices across all dwellings in the 12 months to January have declined by an average of 2.9 per cent. The largest falls were recorded in Sydney’s south west where the typical apartment is now 4 per cent cheaper to rent at $360 per week than this time last year. The inner west was the second weakest rental market in the Harbour City, with the median unit rental price down 3.7 per cent to $520 per week. This comes as inner west landlords continue to deal with the highest vacancy rates the area has ever seen. Blacktown had the third biggest drop with houses down 3.4 per cent to $430 per week, while the inner south west region saw both house and unit prices fall 3.3 per cent and 3.2 per cent respectively during the same period. Read more:x Sydney rental market more affordable as house and ... Renters need to act fast if they want to pay less, as landlords continue to struggle finding tenants due to an oversupply of stock. Here are the areas where renters are scoring big savings:
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NSW: Sydney property prices are on the rise again as per the startling recent forecast

There was a startling recent forecast that house prices will rise 20 per cent in this cycle. It was made by respected housing commentator Christopher Joye, who co-wrote a 2003 report commissioned by The Menzies Research Centre for the Prime Minister John Howard’s Home Ownership Task Force. When house prices were still in decline last April, Joye forecast a sharp 10 per cent rebound based on an assumption of two quick RBA cash rate cuts. Some three cuts actually emerged, with Joye noting last week that across Australia’s eight capital cities, dwelling values were now eight per cent above their mid-2019 nadir with Sydney prices leading the way with even stronger capital gains for homeowners. Joye, the co-chief investment officer of Coolabah Capital Investments, has for years taken up the fight with alarmist claims of the professional property doomsayers. And typically his reasoned forecasts have matched the market movements down the track. But his suggestion that house prices still have much further to rise is quite troubling when it comes to affordability. Wages are barely budging, and jobs can be very much at risk, yet the costs of health insurance, child care, energy, education and housing are all exploding. I agree Sydney property price declines don’t seem likely on the horizon this year, other than something unexpectedly occurring from left field. But we could really do with a long price plateau, as we experienced following the boom-bust around 2003/2004. The cooling between 2018 and 2019 had been good news for first-home buyers, but not dramatically so. Read more:x Forecast for Sydney property price rise bad news f... While it seems unlikely that Sydney property prices will fall in the near future, a period of stability will suit everyone, especially first-home buyers, writes Jonathan Chancellor.
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